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© Daniela Matejschek

The promotion of young talents has been a central concern of the ›Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk‹ festival from the very beginning. In 1993 Prof. Helmut Pilss, the founder of the festival, established the >International Johann Heinrich Schmelzer< competition to offer a platform to aspiring musicians. Michael Schade, who has been an avid advocate for young talented musicians for years, continued to develop the programme ever since he was named artistic director. He was able to enlist the Schellhammer Capital Bank as a patron of the competition. In 2023 the >International Johann Heinrich Schmelzer< compition will be held for the 11th time as part of the ›Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk< festival.

© Daniela Matejschek

At the 10th International Johann Heinrich Schmelzer Competition 2022 there were two prize winners who shared the 1st place - donated by Schellhammer Capital Bank:
Sophia Aretz on the transverse flute and soprano Johanna Rosa Falkinger. In addition, Johanna Rosa Falkinger was awarded the 2022 Promotion Prize - donated by the President of the Association for the Promotion of the International Baroque Days Melk, Gerhard Stabentheiner. Jury chairman of this competition was Michi Gaigg. Together with the artistic director of the International Baroque Days Stift Melk Michael Schade and Evelin Hofmann from Schellhammer Capital Bank they presented the prizes.

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