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Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk Abbey Melk, Wirtschaftshof

Arrangements of works by John Dowland and Henry Purcell

In Finstan möcht i sein

Agnes Palmisano Trio
Agnes Palmisano | vocals, lyrics 
Daniel Fuchsberger | contraguitar, composition
Andreas Teufel | Schrammel harmonica
Aliosha Biz | violin

Songs of Goodwill and Farewell

Lena Kuchling | vocals
Georg Buxhofer | bass guitar
and guests


The 16th-century British singer-songwriter and lutenist John Dowland gets to the heart of the matter without compromise in words, melody and harmony: his despair, his lust, his hopes and fears. But what if Dowland had been from Vienna? In “In Finstan möcht i sein” Agnes Palmisano and her trio swap English poetry for dialect: timeless, pure and in the Viennese vernacular, the songs are full of both vulnerability and delicacy, of reaching “rock bottom” and contemplating the eternal themes.

And how would Dowland have sounded as a rock star? In their new programme “Songs of Goodwill & Farewell”, Lena Kuchling and Georg Buxhofer turn to old songs of the Renaissance and baroque. The musicians move effortlessly between the most disparate genres, sweeping away boundaries and placing the timeless compositions in a new light with their sensitive arrangements...



In the event of bad weather in the Barockkeller. Please note that the seating in the Wirtschaftshof is different from that in the Barockkeller.

Additional seats in event of good weather: €15. If the concert is sold out, you can be added to the waiting list. If the weather is fine, additional seats in the Wirtschaftshof will be offered at short notice, since the Barockkeller has only limited seating.


approx. 70 minutes ∙ no interval


A €50 / B €40 / C €28 / D €22 / E €15 / Youth prices: <26: € A,B €25 / C-E €15

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