Musical Souvenirs

From the wellsprings of Mozart’s inspiration

Saturday 22 May | EVENING HOUR | Melk Abbey / Kolomanisaal

Works by G. Misliwecek, C. Stamitz, L. Lebrun, C.P.E. Bach, W.A. Mozart

L’Orfeo Barockorchester

Michi Gaigg, conductor 
Carin van Heerden, Philipp Wagner, oboe
Julia Huber-Warzecha, violin
Lucas Schurig-Breuß, viola
Makiko Kurabayashi, bassoon

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent ten years, two months and eight days – nearly a third of his life – travelling. As he grew into mastery, the young composer from Salzburg cultivated the many contacts, recommendations and encounters he made on his journeys, and these became a wellspring of artistic inspiration that poured forth for the rest of his life.

The acoustic impressions – or “musical souvenirs” – that Mozart gathered take us on a Grand Tour of the pre-classical Europe of the 1770s: from Milan to London, from Paris to Berlin. Other leading contributors include: a Bohemian in Italy, two well-travelled composers from Mannheim and the Bach of the (late) 18th century.


Prices: A € 65/ B € 56 / C € 46 / D € 37 / E € 30 / F € 25 Youth prices: <26: A-C € 25 / D-F € 15

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