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Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk Abbey Melk, Kolomanisaal

European composers at the heart of English musical life


Works by Francesco Geminiani, George Frideric Handel, Johann Christoph Pepusch and others

Concentus Musicus Wien
Stefan Gottfried | direction (harpsichord)
Olivia Vermeulen | soprano


With a few notable exceptions, England produced few great composers in the baroque era. But London was nonetheless one of the biggest marketplaces of music: celebrated composers were “imported” from all over the world or achieved fame there. One of these guests in particular played a central role in shaping the musical history of London...

After stints in various parts of Europe, Georg Friedrich Händel (later George Frideric Handel), finally ended up in London and soon became probably the most creatively prolific composer and theatre manager of this cultural metropolis. But he wasn’t the only one who understood the pulse of the times and could skilfully respond to it!

Which is why Stefan Gottfried and the Concentus Musicus Wien are devoting their new programme for the Baroque Festival to the music of Handel and that of his friends, colleagues and rivals. They all travelled a musical path across Europe before their masterworks fell on fertile ground in England.



2 hours ∙ with interval


A €60 / B €53 / C €43 / D €36 / E €30 / F €25 / Youth prices: <26 A-C €25 / D-F €15

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