Italiani and Oltramontani

Italian music on both sides of the mountains     

Sunday 23 May | TEATIME | Melk Abbey / Sommerrefektorium


Works by Michelangelo Rossi, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Giovanni Picchi, Johann Jacob Froberger, Johann Kaspar Kerll, Georg Muffat and others

Anne Marie Dragosits, harpsichord                                                 

Anne Marie Dragosits is an old friend of the Baroque Festival. Performing in a number of constellations, she has contributed to many memorable concerts. Now she appears in her own programme as a harpsichord soloist.

Music from Italy fascinated performers and composers from all over Europe during all the epochs of the Baroque. Anne Marie Dragosits devotes herself to the incredibly varied harpsichord literature of the 17th century. As in vocal music, the new forms of instrumental music involved playing with feelings, affects and surprises as much as with notes. The Italian school also influenced the harpsichord literature in the North. Many “Oltramontani”, composers from “over the mountains”, felt the call from beyond the Alps in Italy: Froberger, Kerll and Muffat studied in Rome with composers such as Frescobaldi, Carissimi and Pasquini.


A €50 / B €42 / C €30 Youth prices: <26: A-C € 25

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