Il Viaggio dei Bassano

An Italian music dynasty conquers England

Sunday 23 May | EVENING HOUR | Melk Abbey / Kolomanisaal                                 

Works by Heinrich Isaac, Alexander Agricola, William Cornish, Henry VIII, John Baldwine, Giovanni Bassano and others

Il Giardino Armonico
Giovanni Antonini, conductor

After a break of almost two decades, we’ve finally managed to get Il Giardino Armonico back to Melk! This world-class orchestra has made its home on the stages of musical centres both big and small and is today considered one of the leading ensembles for historically informed performance.


In his programme, Giovanni Antonini devotes himself to a dynasty of musicians that didn’t go Rome or Venice for their musical further education. Quite the reverse in fact: The Bassano family carried the Italian art of music out into the world. Or more precisely, to England, and the court of Henry VIII.


Prices: A € 65/ B € 56 / C € 46 / D € 37 / E € 30 / F € 25 Youth prices: <26: A-C € 25 / D-F € 15

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