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Music and poetry in the work of John Dowland



Songs and instrumentals by John Dowland

Michael Schade | tenor

Luca Pianca  | lute

Giulia Genini | recorder


Dowland as the prototype of today’s popstars? Why not! As the first singer-songwriter in history, he was famous throughout Europe, his songbooks flew off the shelves and his songs were loved by nobles and commoners alike, catchy tunes that were sung everywhere. Passages from his work have been borrowed by his own contemporaries and popstars of today for use in their own songs.

With their emotional intensity, John Dowland’s melodies and lyrics resonate not just in the ear but under the skin. They move, entrance, enthuse. Which means the Baroque Festival audience is in for a stirring concert with Michael Schade, Luca Pianca and Giulia Genini, with new-old earworms to take home with them.


approx. 1 hour ∙ no interval


A €35 / B €30 / C €25 / D €15 / Youth price: <26: €15

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