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xrEvolution – expanding horizon

Sunday 23 May | 6pm | Melk Abbey / Sommersakristei

“Flow! Flow...”, commands Goethe’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and the collaboration between the Baroque Festival and the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, which began in 2019, flows on into 2021. “Grand Tour”, the Festival motto for 2021, could hardly be a better symbol of this cooperation, because the subject-matter is travel, of setting off on a wondrous journey. “When someone travels, they have a story to tell.” Students from the university make their way from St. Pölten to Melk, taking the shortest route in the age of digital evolution. They vanish from time in the virtual aspiration to present their experiment. The experiment disengages us from the everyday reality claim, conveying us into a parallel world of art and technology. Is everything possible? Is everything allowed? Quite the reverse: we set ourselves the necessary rules, grope for the limits from the past, present and future and conjure ourselves a connection between the High Baroque and the zeitgeist of our own times. The Baroque magic of the Abbey’s architecture mixes with the experimental media projections from the young apprentice sorcerers from St. Pölten. Why should we be satisfied with today, when tomorrow is already dawning bright on the horizon? ... After the apprentice’s attempt to enchant the broom to do his chores for him goes disastrously wrong, the master sorcerer intones: “Broom! Enough. Let none call on you as spirits for his purpose except the old master.”


FH St. Pölten / Masterstudiengang Digital Design / Masterklasse Experimentelle Medien 2021


Opening times:
Monday 24 May
10am-12 noon /13pm-6pm
Melk Abbey / Sommersakristei


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