A Journey into Infinity

Music for eternity

Monday 24 May | TEATIME | Altstadt Melk / Pfarrkirche                                                                


Works by Tomás Luis de Victoria, Heinrich Schütz, Johann Hermann Schein                        

ensemble 15.21
Florian Wieninger, violone da gamba
Anton Holzapfel, organo di legno

Tomás Luis de Victoria studied with Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina in Rome; Heinrich Schütz learned from the great Giovanni Gabrieli in Venice: both took the legacy of their musical role-models back to their homelands, where they poured out their newly-acquired styles into some of the most perfect vocal works of Early Music.

ensemble 15.21 devotes itself to the final pilgrimage, the one from which there’s no return. The programme is structured around selections from Victoria’s “Missa pro defunctis” and “Officium defunctorum”. The German motets of Heinrich Schütz (Geistliche Chormusik, 1648) and Johann Hermann Schein (Israelsbrünnlein) are embedded within Latin vocal polyphony. Together they combine late Renaissance and the dawning Baroque into an arc from this world into the eternity beyond.


Prices: A €50 / B €42 / C €35 / D €25 / E €15 Youth prices: <26: A, B € 25 / C-E € 15

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