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Baroque compositions with contemporary pizzazz

Arrangements of works by Henry Purcell

Arrangements of works by Henry Purcell

Lautten Compagney Berlin
Birgit Schurpfeil  | direction (violin)
Asya Fateyeva  |  saxophone

Henry Purcell has never been passé. His music for the stage, solo songs, folk songs and ballads unwaveringly retain their prominent place in the canon of European composition. Since the 17th century, the creative richness of a life that ended at only 36 has lost none of its ability to inspire. What more can anyone still add?

A lot! With “50 Shades of Purcell”, the Lautten Compagney builds on the success of its “Swinging Purcell” programme – and reveals even more unknown facets of the Orpheus Britannicus. Once more the ensemble swells its ranks with an instrument that did not exist in Purcell’s time but could have been tailor-made for the overflowing imagination of his compositions: the saxophone.

Rising star Asya Fateyeva and the Lautten Compagney launch into a concert of Purcell music specially arranged for this programme. The concert will make you hear Purcell’s works in a completely new way.


approx. 2 hours ∙ with interval


A €60 / B €53 / C €43 / D €36 / E €30 / F €25 Youth prices: <26 A-C €25 / D-F €15

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