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Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk Abbey Melk, Barockkeller

Works by Georg Philipp Telemann, János Bihari, František Benda,

Antonio Vivaldi, Alessandro Scarlatti and adaptations by Vittorio Ghielmi and Stanislav Palúch

Il Suonar Parlante

Vittorio Ghielmi                    direction (viola da gamba)

Graciela Gibelli                    singing


‘Zigeunermusik’, as the music of the Roma was called in the 18th century – what is it? Just a word, and yet it encompasses an enormous, tradition-steeped cultural asset that is still summed up with this term. It includes music made in Indian courts in the 5th century, as well as influences from many other countries and epochs. Roma musicians picked up these influences in the course of their migrations through continents and centuries, and then, with their own additions, made them their own. The music of the Roma can thus look back over a long and colourful tradition that has remained very much alive to this day. Vittorio Ghielmi and his musical friends set off on the trail of these folkloric traditions, revealing, with a sensitive touch and a spirit of curious enquiry, baroque traces of Roma music. And what does Telemann have to do with that? Where does Vivaldi come in? We’ll find out the answers over the course of this concert afternoon.



A €50,– / B €40,– / C €28,– / D €22,– Jugendpreise (unter 26 Jahre): A;B €25,– / C,D €15,–

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