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Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk Abbey Melk, Kolomanisaal

From the ‘Rosenkranz Sonatas’ and ‘Sonatae Violino Solo’

by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber

Hiro Kurosaki                       baroque violin

Wolfgang Glüxam                organ/harpsichord

Pierre Pitzl                           viola da gamba

David Bergmüller                 lute


Heavenly in many respects: Biber’s ‘Rosenkranz Sonatas’, also known as the ‘Mystery Sonatas’, are dedicated to the Queen of Heaven and are among the hardest sonatas written for the violin. A selection from them along with other, seldom-played bravura sonatas from the pen of the same composer will be offered to the Baroque Festival audience at this matinee – played in heavenly style by a violinist of positively celestial mastery.


Together with his long-term musical partner Wolfgang Glüxam and his musician friends Pierre Pitzl and David Bergmüller, audience favourite Hiro Kurosaki returns to Melk and gifts us a morning full of virtuosic and heart-warming sounds.


A €60,– / B €53,– / C €43,– / D €36,– / E €30,– / F €25,– Jugendpreise (unter 26 Jahre): A – C €25,– / D – F €15,–

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