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Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk Abbey Melk, Gartenpavillon

Works by Gottfried Finger, Joseph Purksteiner, John Jenkins, William Young, Vittorio Ghielmi and others


Vittorio Ghielmi                    direction (baryton)

Nicolas Penel                      violin

Corinna Metz                       viola da gamba

Shalev Ad-el                        harpsichord


It comes from Passau, is over 250 years old and its home to this day is Melk Abbey; its overtone-rich voice has entranced audiences recently. What is it? A baryton, an instrument roughly the size of a cello, which in its golden years was particularly loved by the nobility and played by many aristocrats. The example in the music archive of the Abbey is barely 90 centimetres long, making it extremely rare. Another unique feature of the Melk instrument is that it has served as the template for a replica that is currently being made in Hallstatt. And where else but in Melk should it first be heard?  When Vittorio Ghielmi, accompanied by his ensemble, tunes this baryton in the evening atmosphere of the Garden Pavilion, it will be the instrument’s first public performance. In addition to baroque works, he will honour the Baroque Festival with a piece he has composed himself especially for this occasion! He will let the timbre of the instrument unfold and give the audience an impression of how its older brother might have sounded, centuries ago.



Please note that we cannot allow admission before 22:20. In the event of rain, therefore, we ask you to wait in the shelter of the gate to be our guests for ‘Brot und Wein’.


A €30,– / B €25,– / C €15,– Jugendpreise (unter 26 Jahre) A – C €15,–

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