Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk Abbey Melk, Wirtschaftshof

A soirée of dance at the court of Louis XIV.

Works by Jean-Baptiste Lully, Marin Marais and others



Andreas Helm direction     (oboe/recorder)

Les plaisirs de la danse

Margit Legler                        choreography


The effervescent joie de vivre and splendour of the Baroque are inseparably associated with the figure of the Sun King, Louis XIV, who dedicated himself to the arts, especially dance. He owed his epithet to his having played the role of ‘Sun’ in a ballet by Lully as a child. Many anecdotes have been handed down in which he interrupts the business of kingship, for example during negotiations, to dance or make music himself.


Barucco, here as a historical oboe band, joins Margit Legler, a specialist for baroque dance and historical drama, and the young dancers of Les plaisirs de la danse to perform a programme that could have taken place in Versailles itself.


In the event of bad weather the performance will move to the Kolomanisaal

Followed by our traditional end to the evening, ‘Brot und Wein’


Additional seating in event of good weather: €15.

If the concert is sold out, you have the opportunity to place yourself on the waiting list. If the weather is fine, additional places will be offered at short notice in the Wirtschaftshof, since the Kolomanisaal has only limited seating.


A €65,– / B €56,– / C €46,– / D €37,– / E €30,– / F €25,– Jugendpreise (unter 26 Jahre): A – C €25,– / D – F €15,–

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