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Emperor-composers at the Viennese court

Works by Leopold I, Joseph I, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer,

Johann Joseph Fux, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber

Concentus Musicus Wien

Stefan Gottfried                               direction (harpsichord/organ)


A long musical tradition testifies to the Habsburg emperors’ love and patronage of music, as do the biographies of many composers along with a wealth of stories. But what’s special about this relationship is that the Habsburgs themselves wrote music. Especially as this music is eminently capable of comparison with that of successful professional composers. This wasn’t just some ‘private’ hobby; they had a thorough musical training.

Although there were numerous rulers in the Habsburg Empire over the centuries who devoted themselves to creating music, contemporary musicologists have identified four notable emperor-composers: Ferdinand III, Leopold I, Joseph I and Karl VI.

 A chamber-music formation of Concentus Musicus Wien led by Stefan Gottfried takes on two of these imperial composers, placing them in the context of the musical scene of the Viennese court at this time.



A €60,– / B €53,– / C €43,– / D €36,– / E €30,– / F €25,– Jugendpreise (unter 26 Jahre): A – C €25,– / D – F €15,–

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