Archive: Silber, Gold und Elfenbein

Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk Abbey Melk, Sommersakristei

Works by Henry VIII, Jacob van Eyck, Leopold I, Marin Marais, Jacques Martin Hotteterre, Michel Blavet, Georg Phillip Telemann, Ming Wang and others

Julia Auer                 transverse flutes

Walter Auer              transverse flutes/flute

Jan Thümer              recitation


The riches of this world include all manner of treasures – and in this evening concert in the intimate surroundings of the Summer Sacristy we’ll experience wealth of the musical kind. Walter Auer is the solo flautist of the Wiener Philharmoniker; his wife Julia is an expert in early music. For the Baroque Festival they create a programme that features a variety of transverse flutes as well as instruments made of silver and gold. The focus is on the particular and precious nature of the materials and its direct influence on the very special sound of each flute. A musical treasure chamber!


A €30,– / B €25,– / C €15,– Jugendpreise (unter 26 Jahre) €15,–

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