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Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk Abbey Melk, Kolomanisaal

Freedom, tolerance and fraternity

Solo concertos by Frederick the Great, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Barocksolisten München

Dorothea Seel                     direction (flute)

August Zirner                       recitation


For the Freemasons of the 18th century, humanity was the highest good, which is why Freemasonry is also known as the ‘Royal Art’. But kings didn’t always value its artistry and it didn’t always sit well with monarchy. While, for example, Frederick the Great was an enthusiastic ally, Freemasonry was unable to gain an institutional foothold in Maria Theresia’s Austria. Even the fact that the empress’s husband and son were staunch patrons wasn’t enough to win her over. But later, in the regency of Joseph II, Freemasonry found its most famous Austrian representative in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


In this matinee, Dorothea Seel tackles a contentious subject that includes Enlightenment ideas from a time when it was no simple matter to express them in public. She has already enthused audiences at the Baroque Festival with her Barocksolisten München a few years ago. She’s skilled in the art of creative concepts that constantly enchant audiences with their interplay of music and subject-matter. At her side, August Zirner reads texts by Freemasonic writers between the musical items.




A €60,– / B €53,– / C €43,– / D €36,– / E €30,– / F €25,– Jugendpreise (unter 26 Jahre): A – C €25,– / D – F €15,–

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