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Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk Abbey Melk, Barockkeller

Interactive concert for families with children aged five to six

by Andreas Helm

Davide Diodato                   Little Louis

Margit Legler                       Dance Teacher/choreography

Andreas Helm                     oboe/recorder

Anne Marie Dragosits         harpsichord

 The year is 1653. Louis XIV is 15 years old. He’s been king for ten years, but he still has a lot to learn. Being king involves many duties and obligations, among them dancing. Today, the young ruler is especially excited because tomorrow there will be a great ball and he will open it. But he just can’t get his head around the new steps. The dance teacher has to show him the moves over and over again. The two court musicians accompanying this dance rehearsal become a little impatient with the tiring work and begin to make secret jokes about ‘Little Louis’, but the laughing stops when the dance teacher asks them to take to the dancefloor themselves...


An amusing afternoon for younger listeners at the Baroque Festival: full of dance, humour and music written by Jean-Baptiste Lully and his contemporaries.



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