Serge Saitta


After musical studies at the Universities of Lyon and Créteil studies of  historical flutes as a post-graduate in the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels with Barhold Kuijken. Since  1988 he participates as a soloist in most projects of his chosen ensemble, Les Arts Florissants, conducted by William Christie.

Collaboration with other ensembles: La Petite Bande, dir. Sigiswald Kuijken, Opera Fuoco, dir. David Stern, La Grande Écurie et La Chambre du Roy, dir. JeanClaude Malgoire and Les Dominos, dir. Florence Malgoire. He continues his activities as soloist and researcher with his own ensemble: Le Mercure Galant. Serge Saitta teaches historic flutes in the Haute École de Musique of Geneva and at the ENMD of Villeurbanne (Rhône-Alpes).

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